GSoC 2016 Project - Front end tests and updates

As the end of Google Summer of code is quite near (2 weeks more), I proceeded towards more improvements in code writing and also testing. I covered the following things this week :

  • Added all the data retrieved from the database and from application into JSON. Earlier some of the parameters like all_attempts, all_workshops etc were not included in the raw JSON and were directly rendered in the html template. But now a single variable response contains all the data. And by providing export=json as the url parameter, one can retrieve all the data in JSON.

  • I had not written any test cases for /view/detail/ while writing the code. So I added several unit test cases for this endpoint. Some of these were :

    • Details of package for all attempts and all workshops.
    • Details of package for latest attempt and all workshops.
    • Details of package for all attempts and one workshops.
    • Details of package for latest attempt and one workshops.
    • Count of Workshops in the list on the /view/ page.

…and several more.

  • I was not following any coding standard till now. But now I have brought the code under PEP8 standards, and now it looks much better and cleaner.

  • I also got an idea of a plot for /view/detail/ page. For each failed package there would be a time series plot, which would describe how much this package has been failing over the period of time.


  • The above plot would be valid only for all workshops option. As for a single workshop, a failed package would be associated with a single date only. So I disabled this plot when details of failed package are queried only for a particular workshop.

  • AS suggested by Raniere, I have sent an email on the mailing list of software carpentry, and have asked for the feedback of instructors and other people in the community, so that I can work on the suggested changes in the coming 2 weeks.